A photo of Andy Serong with a long beard, standing in front of artful graffiti in an alley way.

Hello there! My name’s Andy, I’m a developer from Melbourne, Australia. I live with my wonderful partner and a temperamental but no less wonderful cat, in an area not too far from the beach. My favourite things to work on can be found in that space between people who make imaginative stuff, and people who like to read, watch or experience imaginative stuff.

For work, I wrangle code at Automattic, I previously worked as a developer over at ACMI, and in my spare time I help out urban fantasy and paranormal romance author Anna McIlwraith on her book releases and website. My hobbies include collecting hobbies, drawing, learning piano, going to museums, reading, exploring places I’ve never been to in Google Earth, and day dreaming while going for a jog (and just generally trying to spend as much time as possible near a beach).

I really like cats.

Contact me!

I’m currently trying not to spend too much time on social media, so the best way to reach me is by this handy form! But you can always try messaging me on Twitter.